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This is a great ma'n'pa style store, big selection of tools, and home improvement, audio, bedding, shoes,craft area always relatively organized, bathroom and healthcare stuff, luggage, kitchenwares, furniture, books, clothes, whew they have lots. Floor is always walkable, perhaps a little cramped sometimes, when I was there last they had to turn away donations they were full, they figured that their prices were too high and had a half off sale to move product, so they are attuned to customer and store needs which is wonderful. They always have a sale going, of some kind. They have always been fair on their pricing, and kind at the register, and truly patient. The only time that this store has issues is when they have too much product and it can get a little messy and they can get a little overwhelmed. They may need one or 2 more volunteers to make operations run more smoothly, but these guys are the best! (Read More)

0.1 mi
215 N. Sequim Ave.
Sequim, WA 98382

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0.1 mi
213 E. Washington St.
Sequim, WA 98382

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Thrift Shop


Bell St Thrift shop is all volunteer, no one gets paid to work there, in fact the ladies that work there have to pay dues to volunteer there, all of them are cheery retire'ees and very willing to help you find what you are looking for! It is a very small store, in a modified house, so selection is small but varied, their pricing is fair but can tend to be on the higher side because this place also doubles as a consignment shop, which at this review writing only charges 30% whereas everywhere else in sequim charges much more for their consignments. No consignments are taken under 5$, and most of the items in the store are not donated, but consigned. So most of the clothing prices you are looking at 5$ and up, but the quality is much higher than any other thrift store on the peninsula, the volunteers are diligent through their consigning process and do not take items with problems, defects, stains, rips or tears. Fantastic selection of clean nice handbags and purses, I have seen coach, buxton, LV, Gucci bags in there for 20 or less. This is a retirement community, so this store is a gem, for art, vintage and antiques and rare items, they have an incredibly fast turnover of their products and people love to shop there. There is something new every day. They do have a $1 rack of clothes, after consignments are "forgotten/donated" They get marked down to a dollar, I have purchased full womens and mens business suits, wool coats, and very nice items from this rack. They have a house wares area, kitchenwares area, where you can pick up meatslicers, coffeemakers, all items work, or can be purchased "on approval" where you give the shop your money and take the item home and test it for a day, if you do not return the item the store keeps your money. This is a great store and does much good for its community, they could use more donations!!! Hint Hint!!! (Read More)

0.2 mi
204 W. Bell St.
Sequim, WA 98382

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We always stop here when we come down from Alaska. (Read More)

0.7 mi
680 W. Washington St.
Sequim, WA 98382

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They store is relatively clean but it always "smells" awful (and this is not a "mill" smell - it's because the clothes aren't washed before they're put out...pretty gross). There are 1 or 2 nice people there but there is no "customer service" to speak of. Additionally, I can usually buy NEW for less than than their prices and most of the 'good stuff' is either being bought by the employees or being sent somewhere else (mayeb to their online store?). Overall, they sell overpriced junk there. (Read More)

13.8 mi
602 Howard St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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Great selection of clean/redone household items and furniture. Staff is so friendly. (Read More)

14.1 mi
2001 W. Sims Way
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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14.9 mi
728 E Front St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360)417-7543 Ext.# 3

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