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Great service, standard set prices and very well taken care of. (Read More)

0.5 mi
513 Adam Shepherd Pkwy.
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

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Not sure why, but this is my favorite GW!! I do like the people who work there and I have visited most of them in the city. In general, I think the prices at all Goodwills are too high. (Read More)

7.3 mi
5117 Antle Dr.
Louisville, KY 40229

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10.6 mi
337 Oakbrooke Dr.
Mt. Washington, KY 40047

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10.9 mi
5601 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219

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11.9 mi
6201 Preston Hwy., Ste. A
Louisville, KY 40219

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Employees charge you what they want regardless of what the item is marked. Example: a $1 vase is rung up at $2.99. (Read More)

12.6 mi
4928 Poplar Level Rd.
Louisville, KY 40213

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This store is so unorganized and you can barely fit a cart down the isles! Very rude employees and lack of enthusiasm!! (Read More)

13.8 mi
5230 Bardstown Rd.
Louisville, KY 40291

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I like that it is very well organized but there is a small maternity section. (Read More)

14 mi
4840 Dixie Hwy.
Louisville, KY 40216

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Love this place. The workers are so friendly and helpful. (Read More)

14.2 mi
4445 Manslick Rd.
Louisville, KY 40216

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Closed BEFORE 8p.m. Needless to say not happy because I had rushed to get there. It would have taken me less than a minute to get item "white jacket". I knew where it was. Was told they had already put cash up. I asked if could hold item till I came later in the day from my radiation treatments (around 3:30.) If the policy was not to hold item, they should have told me then....but nothing was said about that. Realized later that I had a previous appointment after my treatment, so went into to store 7/26 in the morning. I had promised the lady I would pick it up and wanted to keep my word. After all she would have been holding item all day) When I arrived in store, jacket STILL on rack. Voice my dissatisfaction to gentleman behind counter. According to him store always closes 7:55p. and they are NOT able to hold items. The person I spoke to on Tuesday did not tell me it was a policy of the store not to hold. This is my main complaint more than anything....closing early and then not even bother to hold the item and making no mention (after looking me right in my face) that they could not do that. I would not have been happy, after all I was there before closing) but I would have at least know. (Read More)

15 mi
2217 Hikes Ln.
Louisville, KY 40218

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There is one lady at the register that is very rude. She's an older lady with short gray hair, and she over charges on some things. You have no idea what things cost. The place is dark and needs to be cleaned up. They over price on anything worth having.. (Read More)

15 mi
1701 Berry Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40215

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