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We love it here! (Read More)

23.7 mi
1946 Winchester Rd.
Huntsville, AL 35811

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love this store - daily specials - they deliver - always find somthing great. (Read More)

27.9 mi
1407 N. Memorial Pkwy., Suite A
Huntsville, AL 35801

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When they first opened years ago the prices were great, emphasize "were". It got to the point where I could find new items cheaper off the clearance rack. Someone that worked there said, they'd research the items & see what they were priced at on Ebay & Poshmark & price them according to those prices. News flash, people on those sites can price their items at any price they want but that doesn't mean they'll sell for that price. I literally saw a faded worn Vera Bradley Crossbody for $17.99...I wouldn't have paid $1 for it at a garage sale! This is how they price A LOT of what they consider name brand or designer. It's ridiculous! I could even excuse it a little more if it was consignment, I wouldn't pay those ridiculous prices but I could understand it but it's not consignment, ALL OF THEIR MERCH IS DONATED! Greedy much?!?! You might think, they help the less fortunate & they do...They have to donate a VERY small percentage of their earnings to a charity of their choosing. I had looked in to opening a thrift shop & I want to say, 8% of your earning has to be donated to charity. People that own these chain thrift stores are getting rich off free merch in the name of charity! Do they even pay taxes?! Anyway, that wasn't the reason I stopped shopping there for several years. They have an in-store auction...I had bid on several items & won one. They had called & left me a v.mail to come pick up my item by a certain date/time. I called back to confirm & let them know I'd pick it up the following day. I arrived later the following day & noticed a lady walking out with an item that looked exactly like the item I had won through the auction. I went inside to pay for my item & she told me I didn't win it cause they had a last minute bid come in today. I politely asked, "how could you have a last minute bid today when the auction closed 2 days ago?" She knew she was caught in a lie & didn't have a good excuse. She then called the other hateful manager over & in so many words said, "sorry you made a special trip but someone outbid you so get over it!" that wasn't good enough for me & I wanted to speak w/ their boss, that's when they both got loud & hateful. I was very aggrivated but kept my cool. I was arguing my point & pointing out their lie & they acted offended & said if I didn't leave that I'd be escorted out. Come to find out, one of their relatives had outbid me, or at least that's what I was told. That is some shady deceptive dishonest....! I didn't shop there again for several years. When I stopped back in, I noticed there was all new staff which was refreshing. I had been in there a good hour & a half & had a buggy full of goodies, well over $150 worth. I needed to go to the restroom & followed an employee in...As I was just inside the restroom door, the employee turned around & rudely said, this bathroom is employees only. It had never been an employees only restroom before. I asked where the customer's restroom was, she said, we no longer have one, you'll have to go somewhere else. I said, so I'm going to have to leave my buggy full of merchandise, leave the store & drive to another location to use the bathroom & she replied, "yes, if you need to use the restroom that bad". I was so disappointed & aggrivated... Normally, I would've left the buggy right there & never came back but I had some really cute stuff in my buggy, so I left the buggy up front, told the lady up front that I was going to find a bathroom & would be right back. I went & found a restroom & when I got back about 15 mins later there were several things no longer in my buggy...Two ladies had went through my buggy & got stuff out. I told the same condescending young lady that told me I couldn't use the bathroom what had happened & pointed out my items in the customer's buggy, she said, it's not their responsibility to watch customer's buggy's. I'm no "Karen" or at least I try not to be! I'm normally very easy going & I let a lot of garbage slide! It takes a lot to bring my inner Karen to the surface but that was it for me as far as this biz was concerned! I was done! They're overpricing FREE donated items, some of the employees are rude & condescending & to add insult to injury, they won't allow the public to use the bathroom! I have a business & I've had people use my restroom & leave a mess & although it was disturbing that someone had no more respect for me & others than to leave my restroom in such a mess, cleaning up after my customers, even the disrespectful disgusting one's was part of the job & although I'd try to remember that particular customer & not allow them to use my restroom again, I wouldn't punish other customers by not allowing them use my bathroom. Anywho, this is supposed to be a Christian Establishment & the way I had been treated on several occasions didn't seem very Christian to me. I WILL NOT be shopping this establishment ever again!! (Read More)

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One of the BEST Goodwills out there. Friendly service, clean, honest personnel. (Read More)

1 mi
1218 Huntsville Hwy.
Fayeteville, TN 37334

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