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This Goodwill is not good.The "customer service" here sucks. Speaking with a random person out and about he agreed...and used hand quotations in describing the customer service here. Extremely rude associates on the floor stand around and gossip and make the place very uncomfortable with strange behaviors. Go and's common knowledge around State College. Trashy help, trashy thanks. This used to be a nice store. It went way way downhill. It is harder and harder to find quality items and to do so is not worth the hassle, ugly attitudes, incompetence and rudeness. This was once one of the best now it's probably the bottom of the barrel. The folks that represent the place say alot about the place and it says...well find out for yourself... (Read More)

3.9 mi
387 Benner Pike
State College, PA 16801

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Average store. A few Catty Volunteers. Read the catty google review retorts they leave about a neg review even in response to people trying to donate. Telling. I don't donate here any more. Lol. I will shop here on occasion. Be prepared to brave some crusty old catty women with hoity toity attitude for no reason. Ah well. Hope they are happy living their mediocre lives in small town America trying to feel good about their pathetic lives by trying to look down on others. (Read More)

4.9 mi
1300 Benner Pike
State College, PA 16801

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WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!! These are donated goods and they must have huge salaries to pay because the prices are RIDICULOUS! Don't waste your time. (Read More)

7.7 mi
3013 Benner Pike
Bellefonte, PA 16823

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Faith Center


Faith Center has a very good selection of clothing. They run occasional specials, but they are not well advertised. A very good place to shop! (Read More)

9.2 mi
110 W. High St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823

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good prices, helpful friendly staff (Read More)

14.8 mi
4287 E. Main St.
Belleville, PA 17004

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