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The lady who was in the cashier was rude. it is my first time in the store so I bought a couple of items because the sign say buy 1 get 1 half off. When the cashier rung my items I told her that it is buy one get one half off. She became rude and shove my items to the side and yelled to me "play with your shoes first and figure it out!" It was so embarrassing because everybody looked at me. Out of my anger I went out off the store and did not buy anything. If she has been so nice I would have spend almost a $100 because there was a furniture that I want to buy also. NOT going back to this store again!!! There are other thrift stores that has a very nice customer service as well as prices. This store aside from RUDE customer service they are expensive! (Read More)

14.5 mi
4860 St. Leonard Rd.
Port Republic, MD 20676

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