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The Catique


I used to LOVE shopping this store when it was on Indianola - it had lots of fun stuff at good prices. Since they moved and have tried to turn into more of a "boutique" type store, I've walked out empty handed every time, except when they were having a 75% off sale. The prices are just too high. The selection seems to be less too - I don't know if they are rejecting more things to maintain their "boutique" feel, or if they are pulling things to list online, or what... I heard one of the workers discussing how they "need to get the word out" about the store, to try to drum up business - I wanted to take her aside and tell her the new pricing is the problem! The lack of selection is the problem! The "boutique" is the problem! So frustrating... :( (Read More)

7.7 mi
1005 Mediterranean Ave.
Columbus, OH 43229

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"Boutique" is right - v. little there that's "thrifty." Supports pet rescue, lots of cat/dog themed items (some handmade), mostly newer housewares, no clothes. (Read More)

12.3 mi
2736 Festival Ln.
Dublin, OH 43017

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