Silverware Wind Chime Tutorial

Materials Needed: Five forks, one spoon, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, and 20-pound-test fishing line.
Drill a hole in the end of the handle of each piece of silverware.
Choose one fork to be the centerpiece fork, the fork from which all the other forks will dangle. Drill a hole into the smooth part of the fork below the prongs.
Take the centerpiece fork and bend one of the outermost prongs back using the regular pliers.
Bend the other outermost prong in the opposite direction.
Then bend the same prongs again so they are pointing out to the sides
With the pliers bend each of the innermost prongs in opposite directions.
Make sure the prongs are all perpendicular to the fork handle and eachother.
With needle nose pliers, curl the end of each prong one rotation only and set aside.
Start curling the prongs of the next fork using the needle nose pliers.
You can curl the prongs completely up, partway up, or in opposite directions. Experiment and see what you like best. Don't make the curls too tight, though. I have found that looser curls make a better sounding wind chime.
Repeat with the remaining forks.
Cut four 10-inch pieces of 20-pound-test fishing line and tie them onto the curled ends of each prong of the centerpiece fork with really good knots. Also tie one last piece of 10 inch fishing line through the hole between the two center prongs.
About four inches down from the tip of the fork prongs, tie on your first fork onto the fishing line. Make sure the curly prongs of the forks are even with each other by dangling your wind chime above the table and letting the fork prongs line up by resting on the table

Finish off by tying the spoon to the middle of one of the centerpiece fork prongs and checking to make sure it lines up with the forks. Thread a length of fishing line through the hole in the handle of the centerpiece fork and tie it up outside where you'll be able to enjoy it.

To win the wind chime demonstrated in this article, submit your completed project with instructions and photos to the Crafty Thrifter. Your project will become the prize for next month's winner, so be prepared to part with it!

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